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Welcome to CozyTrikes, where we pave the way for the future of transportation with our cutting-edge products.
Explore our diverse range of innovative solutions designed to revolutionize mobility for individuals and businesses alike. Discover how CozyTrikes is shaping the future of transportation today.

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We provide you with electric scooters, electric tricycles, wheelchairs, electric bicycles and many other high quality products anywhere in the continental US.

There is no middle-man when you are purchasing from us.

That is the reason why we can afford to provide you with the lowest prices possible with the Free or discounted shipping!

Keep in mind that all of our products are guaranteed.
Enjoy your savings!

You may order your item online at any time 24/7 365 days a week.


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Batteries for our products are continuously maintained to ensure 100% performance.

Manufacturers suggest that you do not purchase electric powered products from vendors without this certification.

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Our Products

Experience the best of Mobility X with our top-selling products. Shop now and discover why our best sellers are truly the best of the best.

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